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Dr Martha McGill


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Witch Hunt 1649

Witch Hunt 1649: A pair of card games exploring the early modern witch hunts, plus resources for a trial role-play.

An activity on early modern astrology. Could be used as part of a getting-to-know-each-other session in any early modern module.

A role-playing activity for a group of up to 12 exploring the causes of the French Revolution.

An activity on early modern love and marriage.

A game to introduce the topic of the ‘Consumer Revolution’ in eighteenth-century Europe.

A quiz on early modern conversations with God and the Devil.

An activity on early modern palmistry.

A game about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century recipes and medicines.

An activity on early modern physiognomy.

If you use any of these and have feedback, please let me know!

The Georgian Ghosts Project

The Georgian Ghosts Project is a digital showcase produced by a group of undergraduate students at the University of Warwick (Jessica Barton, Serena Gupta, Luke Holloway, Eddie Kaye, Dan Smith and Martyna Wrona). It explores a fascinating 1780s manuscript, most likely by the Methodist Hester Ann Rogers, that recounts a ghost story from Cork, Ireland. Resources include an illustrated storyboard, a podcast, a poster on early modern ghost stories and blog posts on gender, religion, print culture and Irish architecture.

For more on the making of the showcase, see this article by Jessica Barton and Dan Smith.

Artwork by Jessica Barton

Punishers and Protectors

Punishers and Protectors: Angels in Seventeenth-Century England is a digital showcase bringing together the work of several undergraduate History students at the University of Warwick (Georgia Cirillo, Tamyla Jawahir, Jenna Meakin, Hana Noor-Khan and Anna Sharp). It features accessible analyses of a selection of seventeenth-century documents, each of which offers a different perspective on the character of early modern angels. The showcase reveals that angels of the past were often frightening figures; they safeguarded Christians but also wreaked vengeance against sinners.

Detail of the archangel Michael defeating Satan by Guido Reni (c. 1630)