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Dr Martha McGill

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Hello, and welcome to the site! I’ll be posting notifications here on the rare occasions that I actually finish things. In exciting short-term news, I have a shadow puppetry show coming up in Coventry that has just been postponed because of the Omicron variant. Will it finally happen? Will it end up as a stilted Zoom-based echo of what it might have been? I’ll post an update whenever we get a clearer sense of just how much death is currently pervading our collective air. I am also hoping to have an update within the next month about the release of Witch Hunt 1649, on which see more here. This has been a hugely enjoyable project, and I can’t wait to see the final product, even if it’s a few more moons before it feels normal to gather people together in a room to play a game again. I have other events forthcoming in March, and am working on my second book, but an update on that is likely to be rather longer coming. Here’s hoping I can spend more time in archives in 2022.

Happy New Year to all!