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Dr Martha McGill

Witch Hunt 1649 is provided for personal / educational use. Copyright remains with the creators. You are prohibited from using the artwork, cards or files for any commerical purposes.

If you enjoy playing Witch Hunt 1649, it would be wonderful if you could let us know. Positive feedback makes it much more likely that we will be able to run similar projects in the future.


Print at home

Download the PDF below. Print the file double-sided (flip on long edge), in colour on card or thick paper, then cut out the cards. You can read, download or print the rules here. Please note that we offer no guarantees about the quality of home printouts!

Play online

Create a custom blank room at Go to ‘edit mode’ and ‘room options’ to find the ‘import’ option, and import the appropriate .pcio file from the selection below. Share the link to the room with friends to play together. You will also need to all be in a video or audio call.

You may wish to spend some time familiarising yourself with the game rules and the site’s controls before inviting others. Note that hovering over cards will enlarge them.

The Dregs of Days can alternatively be played online, and with no need for downloads, via the free site Tabletopia. Tabletopia is accessible via Steam or in a browser. You can invite friends by sharing a Steam or browser link; you’ll again need to join a call separately to communicate. Tabletopia is prettier but it takes longer to get used to the interface.

A game in progress on
A game in progress on Tabletopia

The Dregs of Days