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Dr Martha McGill

Witch Hunt 1649

Witch Hunt 1649


Contents: 167 cards, rule book

UK from £3.60; Europe from £8.00*; worldwide from £8.75*

*If you are buying from out-with the UK, please note that you are responsible for any taxes/customs duties charged on import.

Game cubes


Contents: 21x 8mm acrylic cubes, random colours

The Dregs of Days requires you to use tokens to track welfare, reputation and defence values (3 per player, or 2 per player plus 1 shared defence token). You can use any items of 8mm square or smaller (e.g. small buttons, beads, pieces of Blu Tack), or add a bag of cubes to your order. Please note that the cubes do not fit inside the game box.

If you’re interested in buying several copies of the game for use in a teaching setting, please get in touch – we might be able to offer free copies.


You can download a file with all of the cards for home printing, and/or files that can be used to play the game in a group online.

To proceed to the downloads, we ask that you fill out a short form. The purpose of this is to help us gather data about user demographics so that we can assess the impact of the project. You can omit any demographic information you would prefer not to provide.