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Dr Martha McGill

Witch Hunt 1649

Scotland, 1649. Rumour has it that witches are scheming against your community...

Developed by a team at the University of Warwick, Witch Hunt 1649 offers a fun and educational exploration of the early modern witch hunts. It includes two card games, The Dregs of Days and Lying Lips, both of which are suitable for use at home or in school or university classrooms (age range 14+). The games aim to provide a sensitive, non-sensationalised exploration of the witch hunts, promoting understanding of the historical backdrop and empathy for victims. See the tabs above for discussion of historical context (including reflections on how accurately the games reflect historical reality), and further resources, including for teaching.

The games have been developed on a not-for-profit basis. You can download the rules and cards for free and print your own copies, or arrange your own online game. If you are able, please consider buying the professionally printed game. Proceeds from sales will be donated in the first instance to the Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, to support its work combatting (often gender-based) violence.

Women whispering

Witch Hunt 1649 was inspired by Virtus, a card game exploring masculine honour in the Middle Ages produced by Prof. Frank Klaassen and students at the University of Saskatchewan. We are grateful for Prof. Klaassen’s advice and support.

The making of Witch Hunt 1649 was facilitated by the University of Warwick’s Student Research Portfolio scheme, as well as by several funders. We are also indebted to our historical advisors, logistical supporters and playtesters. Mistakes remain our own.